Meet Our Team

Luis Puente | Chief Engineer

Luis is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering. He's interested in the automotive industry and hopes to work for them one day.

Syed Aun-Ali Zaidi | Director of Software Engineering

Syed is a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Neuroscience. His passion and vision for a solar-powered future is reflected in his previous organization UTDSCT, whose merger brought their exceptional software/hardware ecosystem. Aside from automotive technology, his interests include computational neuroscience and cybersecurity.

John Hernandez | Mechanichal Engineering Lead

John is a junior in Mechanical Engineering. He likes the applications and designs of mechanisms and spends his free time learning more about how they work.

Phyo P. Stone | Director Of Business

Phyo is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. Aside from his passion for electric vehicles, he is interested in robotic and automation.

Keyu Cao | Director Of Racing and Strategy

Keyu is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who is passionate about sustainability and the future of renewable energy. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the great-outdoors through hiking and cross country running.

Landrey Norris | Electrical Engineering Lead

Landry is a First Year Electrical Engineering student who loves the idea of renewable energy, and loves to program in his free time.

Yash Rupawat | Competition Director

Yash is a third year Mechanical Engineering student who is passionate about mobility and sustainability. Other than automotive technology, he has a passion for renewable energy and soft robotics.