Built by Comets, Fueled by Stars

COVID-19 updates: In accordance with suggestions and regulations made by UT Dallas, all Comet Solar Racing meeting will be done online until further notice. Click here for more information.

Who We Are

We are a new and growing Solar Racing Team part of the University of Texas at Dallas, and the only other Solar Racing team in Texas. With a group of students who are passionate about renewable energy and sustainable transportation. The long term vision of the team is to build and race solar-powered vehicles in various competitions around the world like the Formula Sun Grand Prix, American Solar Challenge, and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 

About us

Comet Solar Racing at The University of Texas at Dallas is a student-run and student-elected competition team focused on providing students with the knowledge and resources to be competitive in solar vehicle challenges around the world. The team aims to provide real-world project experience to students of various engineering and business backgrounds. This will help students to develop important skills that complement their in-class learning that include effective engineering, project management, leadership, delegation, finance, collaboration, and professionalism.