Syed Aun-Ali Zaidi

President & Managing Director

Syed is a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Neuroscience. Previously, he lead the Software Division to deliver an industry-grade automotive hardware and software stack, enabling challenging on-vehicle compute. His interests include intelligent transportation systems, renewables, and cybersecurity. He currently works at Meta Reality Labs on future wearable products.

Aakaar Jaiswal

Structures Lead

Aakaar is an alumni who majored in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Dynamic Systems and Controls. He has contributed to the battery pack team and structures team. Additionally, he has assisted the drivetrain team with data acquisition by designing a testing fixture. He currently guides the structures team and aids the organization in designing a multi-occupant solar vehicle. His interests include electric vehicles, robotics, control systems, optimization, aerodynamics, and computer-aided engineering 

Abdul Rahman "Abe" Hamed

Drivetrain Lead

Abe is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering. He enjoys creating electronic projects in his free time, and hopes to revolutionize the automotive industry with renewable energy. 

Bennett Daniel

Dynamics Lead

Bennett is pursuing his Master's in Mechanical Engineering. He has a background in Automobile Engineering and is passionate about vehicle dynamics and controls. He is interested in autonomous vehicles, renewable energy and advanced transportation solutions. He is driven to find innovative solutions to solve hard engineering problems especially in the automotive industry. 

Yash Mahimkar

Battery Lead

Yash is a freshman majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is leading the battery team to deliver an industry grade power delivery system through thermal and electrochemical models, enabling optimal power delivery in challenging conditions. His interests include scalable microchip technology, analog and mixed signal circuit design and circuit board design. He is driven to solve challenging engineering problems especially in the medical industry.

Spencer Dittrich

Composites Lead

Spencer is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is leading the Composites Team, which aims to utilize additive manufacturing processes in the development of our next solar racer. He is passionate about 3D printing and hopes to innovate new manufacturing and material technology for the automotive industry, He is currently working at Motus Labs, developing precision gearboxes for the robotics industry.